Monday, 8 October 2012

Tree Villa

  Standing elegantly on stilts, encompassing two trees at a height of 35 feet over the Coffee plantation, the TreeVilla offers you your own personal and private sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of life.

tree villa

The 1080 sq.feet TreeVilla is spacious, child friendly and completely insect-proofed. Designed to accommodate upto four people, it has 8 feet verandahs on two sides and two bathrooms – one, with a panoramic view of the estate. Other features include a TV, DVD, Satellite receiver, mini fridge, electronic safe and Tea/Coffee maker.
Travel Information


Wayanad has a salubrious climate with two monsoons that bathe the environment in life giving rainfall. The surrounding flora and fauna is rich in bio-diversity and is home to some of the most exquisite wild life in existence. The best time to visit Tranquil in order to get the most rewarding experience is during the post monsoon months of November to early March where the already thriving landscape comes further alive in an explosion of greenery and wild life. Expected temperatures are between 25 Centigrade to 15 Centigrade.
For those who love the rains, the time between mid June and mid August is a great time to experience the monsoons.

Route & Location Map: Click here.

Getting There:

Tranquil is linked to the rest of India and to the world by air, rail and road. Your travel itinerary could begin from several points including Bangalore, Mysore or Calicut and could include some interesting sights along your way to Tranquil.
Tranquil is located around 320 kms from Bangalore City (5.5 hours driving time), Mysore City – 120 Kms (2.5 hours driving time), Kozhikode City – 100 Kms (2.5 hours driving time).
Kozhikode International Airport is around 130 Kms (3 hours driving time) from Tranquil.

Detailed Directions to get there:

From Bangalore:

Tranquil is a mere 5 hour road journey from the heart of bustling Bangalore. It is a picturesque drive along good and motor able roads which will take you through the heart of Karnataka and into the historic city of Mysore. If you feel like exploring Mysore, break your journey here and enjoy the historical sights that this small yet endearing city offers.

From Calicut: 
Calicut, the city of spices, where the famous Portuguese explorer Vasco- Da-Gama first set foot in India is purported to be the site where many of Cleopatra's spice barges were manufactured. Calicut is steeped in maritime history and is a bustling town with its own distinctive character and local feel. Once inaccessible by air, Calicut now boasts of a modern international airport that makes your access to Tranquil that much easier. A brief road journey from Calicut lasting 3 hours will get you to Tranquil fresh and ready to enjoy your dream holiday.

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