Monday, 10 September 2012

Nature Zone Resorts

Nature Zone Resorts is an eco-friendly property that offers visitors an exceptional slice of life in the wooded and lush green life of Munnars hills. As part of its commitment to nature, Nature Zone Resorts doesnt have any solid constructions. Instead, its accommodations are African Safari Luxury Tents that are totally merged with the greenery that abounds, and 3 wood/bamboo Tree Houses mounted, without cutting a single branch, on the tree tops.


12 African Safari Luxury Tents
Bamboo houses mounted scientifically on the tree tops.
Nature Zone doesn't have any solid constructions.
Luxury at its best form is being built into the interiors of these tents and tree houses
Superior quality coir flooring, Bamboo & Paper light fittings, eco-friendly toiletries
Each cottage has Well-appointed rooms with modern bath rooms and large varandahs
Each cottage is surrounded by aromatic plants like Lavender and Rosemary.
Plantation tour in the resort
Soft trekking in the resort
Camp Fire

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